Holiday at Doccione di Sotto, Tuscany, undiscovered Casentino

The idyllic hamlet of „Doccione di Sotto” which consists of three former farm houses, is located in a quite remote and origin area of the Tuscan mountains at 850 m s.l.
There’s one guest house and an apartment for touristic letting (locazione turistica).

To the houses belong two large lawns with a pool for swimming, playing, sun bathing, relaxing and to recover from the trips to the cultural centres and a sauna. During the summer months we use a solar hot water system. The property is producing solar electricity to provide a carbon-neutral environment. WIFI available.

Our cottages are located at the end of the Vallesanta valley. The property is situated on the border of the Casentino National Park in the midst of woods and fields. In our sparsely populated area, you will have wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. While enjoying the nature and silence hiking or bike riding you can discover the abundant flora and fauna. The surrounding consists of mainly oak, beech or chestnut forest, bordered with tilled and fallow fields. The rivers with their refreshing water invite for swimming.

The Casentino lies between the upper valley of the Arno and Tiber rivers and is a picturesque area rich with Roman and Etruscan churches and spiritual places that already served Dante as inspiration for the enchanting landscapes described in his „Divine Comedy”. It is a green oasis on the edge of the Apennines. Tourism develops slowly here, so that this area is still quite quiet. The capital of the province, Arezzo, once was founded by the Etruscans and is famous for its gold manufacture.